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Website Maintenance

Stop your website from getting stale!

Keep the contents fresh, relevant and interesting.  For some businesses, a website is simply an electronic brochure that just happens to be on the web, and this can often discourage clients from returning to your website.   Having a livelier website can have a positive effect on both the number of returning visitors and on your Google ranking.

This can be achieved in three ways:

  • GBS Dezign will update your website as and when you need.  In the short-term this is the probably cheapest option, unless you decide to update the site every week.   We can also arrange a support contract which provides for unlimited updates and site maintenance each month for a fixed regular fee. Our support contracts start at as little as $50 per month.
  • Build your site in a Content Management System.  With a login and password, you are now free to add, delete and update content on the site by regularly adding stories, news items, press releases and photographs.   We are developing most of our new sites in WordPress; the costs of transferring an existing static (HTML) site to a WordPress site averages between $500-$1,000 per site depending on the size of the existing site.
  • Add a blog module to your site.  This could be an ideal compromise by keeping your existing site as it is, and adding an additional area for news, blogs, photo uploads etc.  We’ll use as much of your existing logo and color scheme as possible, so the blog site will look an integrated part of your marketing efforts.   We will even create and post the blogs on a regular schedule for you.  Our support contracts for blog management start at $299 per month.

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