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Social Media Marketing 

If you’re not entirely comfortable on the internet, this might seem a strange topic.  However, depending on the market you’re aiming at, social media marketing can provide huge benefits to businesses that can get their heads around the concept.

Social Media includes such concepts as blogs, podcasts, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.  It’s about Location, Location and Location.  Think of these like busy shopping streets.  They already have hundreds of thousands of users every day.  How can you use that traffic to increase your business?  Particularly if your business includes any kind of ‘enthusiast’ audience, eg pets, hi-fi, sustainability etc, a ‘discussion forum’ can attract people to your site to discuss online the topics that concern them.  You will learn a lot if you listen and participate!

ACTION PLAN: We will help you to unravel the concepts of social media, work out whether your business might be able to benefit from it, and define and execute specific campaigns.

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