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Search Engine Optimization

We can help your company by implementing a strategy for search engine optimization whether on a Local Search or National Search level.  We have special tools to gather information needed for your business to implement search engine optimization for your business with results in as little as 3 weeks.   We focus on your company, creditability and commitment to your customers rather than search itself.  If your company deserves to be ahead of the competition in search for your products and/or services, then contact us today.  Our approach increases traffic to your website because it forces businesses to think about their company and their customers, and this method always maximized search results.  This allows companies to focus on their website presence naturally, and not what they need to do to keep up with the latest trends in search and the ever-changing world of the Internet.

Secondly, what are the phrases that customers are actually using?  These might not necessarily be the ones you think they are.  For example:  You might think of yourself as a ‘sanitary engineer’, but if users mostly search on Google for the words ‘plumber’ they may never find your website!  So an important step is to find out which key phrases are used when looking for your type of products or services.  The search engines were designed to help people find what they are looking for.  The search engine companies customize their search algorithms to look for and reward honesty and credibility in companies.  This is because accurate and truthful information brings better and more accurate results and therefore a better experience to the search engine users.  We understand that search optimization and increase traffic significantly if a company is willing to our approach to building their presence online.

ACTION PLAN:  We will first understand your business objectives and analyze results to date by having you complete our website optimization data form.  Once we know your keywords and phrases, we will make sure as many of these as possible are included in the website’s text.  Ideally, they also need to be placed in page titles and header text.  This all helps to give Google a good ‘understanding’ about what your website is all about.  This is also a good time to make sure any out of date information is removed from the site.  We then implement our special tools and track results.

Customer Testimonials “I began working with GBS Dezign and in a very short time, I was on the first page of both Google and Yahoo.  GBS has somehow continued to fend off the competition with new and advanced skills and strategies, I continue to be on the top of the search engines.  I originally only had a local presence then over time moved to a national presence and get calls from all over the country.  I salute GBS Dezign for their creativity and innovation in helping to build my business in ways that I could never have imagined or hoped for.   I even had one phone call where the person indicated he had only typed a couple of key words into Google and my name came up number 1 so he hired me on the spot, solely due to my website presence on the first page.  Thank you GBS Dezign!”

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