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5 Tips to Improve Lead Conversion

Great content attracts people in and once they are in your marketing database, you have an opportunity to convert them into customers. This is a fairly simple principle but not so easy to accomplish. If this is the case with you then these tips will help you to increase your conversion rates.

Have clear goals and expectations

Do you want your customers to fill in your contact form, sign up to your newsletter, or have them call or send you an email? In a world where every business wants to get noticed online in different ways, you can make it easier for them to find you by being very clear on what you want them to do on your website.

Find your target audience

Most of the time, targeting everyone means targeting no one. You have to be specific on your target audience and with a lot of landing pages out there, you have to work on convincing them to do business with you. Talk to them in a language they understand. Keep it simple. As much as possible, avoid using jargons.

Build trust for your business

Most people are cautious when dealing with businesses online. Give a potential customer every reason to trust you. Adding an address and contact details on your website are a good start. Make sure you are available when they give you a call. Show your privacy policy and explain shipping procedures clearly. Another thing that customers are impressed with is having a good returns policy. Your website should also display testimonials from happy clients. This can be very powerful in establishing trust and encouraging visitors to buy, sign up, or fill out a form. When customers buy something from your website or have decided to do business with you, keep them informed at every step of the process, before and after sale, about as much as you can.

Give your customers payment options

Aside from credit cards, consider other payment plans including debit card, cash on delivery, money orders, cashier’s checks, and bank deposit. You can also integrate PayPal into your website. Make their life easy while not compromising your payment agreement.

Make your website more user-friendly

More than just a nice design, your website should concentrate on the back end. This is particularly true for e-commerce businesses. Make sure your customers can easily navigate through your site, from signing up to placing their order and finding technical specs of the products. With the huge popularity of tablets and smartphones, your conversion ratio will be a lot higher if you have a mobile-optimized website.

Finally, know your unique selling point. Affordable prices, free shipping, products that can’t be bought elsewhere, great customer service – all of these are USPs. We will tell your clients what yours is. Contact us today and let’s get started in converting your website into an exceptional selling machine.