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Mac McCarthy Incorporated

Mac McCarthy

M.W. (Mac) McCarthy provides organizations with multi-disciplinary professional support in planning, executing and managing unique construction and mission-specific projects.

Through his company, McCarthy contributes expertise to projects that require innovative applications of engineering, technology and regulatory interface. More than half of his practice involves projects in the aquatic environment or at its upland boundary.

McCarthy serves as a consultant to owners and constructors, and as a subconsultant to engineers and scientists, to enable them to leverage their operations to take advantage of evolving opportunities. Clients have retained him for the life of a specific project or simply to contribute critical assistance to a discrete task. Although individual assignment durations may be short, client relationships are typically long term, spanning many assignments.

For over 20 years, Mac McCarthy has been a competent, trustworthy resource of knowledge and hands-on experience in managing special projects and applied sciences.

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